Couples Psychotherapy

People engage in couple-relations therapy when they already have tried to improve their relation and it did not work for them. They feel stuck and frustrated, perhaps arguing a lot, perhaps not communicating and leading separate lives. They might be at the brink of divorce or they just may want to have a more rewarding and life affirming relationship. They feel that they deserve better than what they have.

What you want the most is to improve your relationship and you wonder how to go about it when there is so much frustration, hopelessness and disappointment. You would like to learn to communicate without getting into arguments, to be able to negotiate your differences, to rediscover your interest in your relationship, finding tenderness and passion again.

I can help you with your goals to have a more fulfilling life, just as I have helped other clients to reach their goals.

How do I go about the treatment: I meet with both of you for the first time, I hear carefully both points of view about your situation, complains, what you feel is going on in your relationship. How it has been the relationship since the start, and when did you started to notice problems among yourselves. I would like to know if there are parenting issues, lack of intimacy, difficulties in your communication. I will make a thorough assessment of your communication style. If there are issues that are triggering the consultation such as infidelity we will start to discuss that.

After one or two joint meetings, I will see individually each of you so we talk about your personal background, cultural differences, family of origin, whether you suffered neglect or abuse, how was your family life while growing up. We will start to discuss how your upbringing influenced how you get along with your spouse, fiancé/e or significant other. After these separate sessions, I will continue to see you together and we will work in developing empathy for each other, acquire a common vision for your relationship, understanding the needs of each other, being able to talk about your differences, being able to compromise. You will also understand your mistakes in communication that have led to hurt feelings and fights, developing the tools to communicate successfully.

The length of the treatment will depend on the extent of the problems and when you feel such problems are resolved.

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